Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting Personal...


I'm having 'one of those days' that might just be 'one of those weeks' that I'm afraid to admit even could be 'one of those years'. You know, the ones where motivation is low and everything just seems too hard.  When the hours of planning and preparation go seemingly unappreciated by children, parents and admin.  When at the end of the day, it's easy to look back on the day and feel that you have failed as a teacher. 

Last year, I had a great year.  My class was eager to learn and revelled in being at school.  They loved any and all activities I planned for them and their smiles and enthusiasm made each day fulfilling.  Their parents were supportive and appreciative - many of them would thank me daily for all I did for their children.  I worked long, long hours to make sure that each of my kidlets left me at 3pm excited about something they had done and bursting to tell mum or dad something they had learned, achieved or created.  I was always searching for new ideas and innovative activities for my kidlets to try.  Was I a perfect teacher? Nope, but I was doing the best I could and it was enough.

This year... Not so much.  Don't get me wrong, my kidlets are divine.  Yes, there are quite a few tricky characters but I love them all the same.  I look into their eyes and want to be an amazing teacher for them - but day after day I feel like I've let them down.

Is it me? Is it that I'm not quite understanding what they need to be engaged and eager learners? Am I letting the demands of school get on top of me and dull my love of teaching?  Am I just being a big baby? Whatever it is, I need to snap out of it.  My gorgeous kidlets need more from me.

I'd love to hear from you... Words of encouragement, links to amazing Pinterest boards or blog posts that can reignite my teaching fire, quotes, images, anything.  If there's one thing I've learned from being a part of the blogging community it's that sometimes it can be the greatest support system.

Thanks in advance friends.



  1. Oh Lauren :( That 'blah' feeling about work is horrible. I am such a quotes girl too- I had a blah year a couple of years ago now I keep my favourite quotes & images on my desk & cabinets to cheer me up. I don't have anything super inspiring to share but check out my Pinterest boards if you'd like- I have tons of quotes, cute videos & classroom stuff If I think of anything awesome I'll msg you. Chin up xx

  2. Lauren, it is terrible when you hit these slumps, but you know that old saying......when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up! Everybody gets to this point at some stage of their career, it could be the class you have, parents, co workers or just the environment you are in. Try to focus on one area you want to improve or change and just that little action could make the difference and re inspire you. Chin up friend, you have an important job laying the foundations for those littles to build their learning on and I am SURE you are doing a fabulous job.


    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. I think once you are in that negative talk cycle its very hard to get out of it. You no doubt are the only one thinking you are failing, but unfortunately your own voice is the one you hear the loudest and most often. Its rather akin to depression - never thinking you are good enough and judging yourself harshly as a result, especially when no one else is giving you the pat on the back you deserve.
    It takes a lot of hard work to change how you are viewing things and its one step at a time. You may just have one of those classes that are full of parents who are disengaged in their kiddo's schooling which may in turn rub off on the kiddo's in the way they respond. Accept that you are not going to get the feedback you are used to (and should get), and focus on the' you'll do the best you can do regardless'. Focus on a small goal each day (rather than the whole day), one lesson that you know you can nail, nail it, own that you nailed it (regardless of feedback) and move forward. Focus on the small success rather than what seems like endless failure. Its about perception.
    At the end of the day you just may be having one of those years which leads you to question everything about your teaching and the best thing about it maybe your summer break where you will get to recharge, refocus and realise you were still a great teacher and next year you will be again.
    In the meantime, get outside, enjoy some sunshine, breathe deeply and find the small things to be grateful for and to celebrate
    I hope my 'pep talk' helps in some way :)

  4. That is this year's group of kids for me, too. Luckily (being in the US), we're almost done. The one thing that got me through it was the realization that my kiddos work much better in small groups than whole group. I made almost my whole day small groups, even if it's just half the class (rotating between instruction / technology). It has made a difference.

    Consistency is key. I'm not good at giving rewards or positive statements, so I've had to do a lot more of that consciously. I have to remember to be positive with them. I try to write good notes as much as possible. Figure out what the barrier is and how to break through it. Sometimes it's just one of those years too. We just did the best we could this year, but it's no where near a good year.

    What I Have Learned

  5. Hi Lauren, I think we all know how you feel! I teach prep in Queensland also, and had one of those years last year. Just wanted to say, I love your blog and look forward to reading it every week.... I missed you when you were away for the holidays!!! I find many of your ideas very inspirational and have purchased some of your products from TPT - which are amazing - I don't know how you find the time to make them, keep up your fantastic blog, and teach Prep all day! So don't give up... from what I read,, I think that you are doing an amazing job!
    I don't have a blog... not that clever... but do love Pinterest and have a page which may inspire you in some way........
    Chin up!!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. :) It really does make my heart smile to know that you like my products and grab a few ideas here and there from my blog. Following you now on Pinterest!

  6. Sucks to feel crummy. Hope you find that inspiration somewhere! I've got a tough class this year, and I often have those blergh days. My coping strategies include going for a drive with loud awesome music (I love driving...) and catching up on fav tv shows. Oh, and reading awesome blogs like yours!!!

    Luck's Little Learners


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