Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Thrifty Thursday Money Saving Tip!

Teachers are some of the most thrifty people I know!  We are constantly on the search for a sale or a bargain. :)  Today I'm going to share a money saving tip that will come in handy any time you are preparing flash card style resources.

I first stumbled across these little gems when I was making my word wall - I needed 26 binder rings or key rings to hang each group of cards on hooks on the wall.  After baulking at the cost of them in craft and dollar stores (where they were around $5 for a small pack, meaning I'd need to buy lots of packs), I ended up at my local hardware store in the curtain section!  Here's where I found these babies:

They're made for attaching a shower curtain to the rod, and each pack of ten cost only a few dollars!

They're super simple to use, just punch a hole in the corner of each card, pop them on the ring and push the opening together.  Much easier than trying to thread all the cards onto a metal key ring!

I used them to keep my Pattern Block Cards together, but of course you could use them for sight word, alphabet or phonics flash cards - or even to store posters on a hanging rail.

Hopefully this easy tip will save you a few dollars!  

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