Monday, 9 January 2017

Party Packs - birthday celebrations in the classroom!

Back to school is always such a busy time - there's literally a million things to do before you meet your new class, with a perfectly set up classroom all ready to go, of course! Today I'm stopping by to share an idea that will pay off for the whole school year, each time one of your kidlets celebrates a birthday!

Make up a 'Party Pack' to give out every time a birthday rolls around (which sometimes seems like every second day!).  I spent about $20 and made enough packs for a whole class - they include a crazy straw, novelty pencil, glowstick, party blower and balloon.  You could use anything festive that strikes your fancy! I tied them together with ribbon and display them in a labelled jar.

When one of my kidlets celebrates a birthday the class sits in a circle together.  The birthday boy or girl tells us all about their special day - how old they are turning, what presents they opened, if they had a party, what they will have for dinner etc. - before we sing Happy Birthday! Then they receive their 'Party Pack' - with specific instructions to go home and use the items to celebrate their day. :)

What do you do to celebrate birthdays in your classroom?

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  1. Love this idea! This is my project today! Definitely going to use a party straw, pencil and party blower!

    ♥ Stephanie


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