Monday, 28 January 2013

Quiet Critters

In Queensland this weekend the weather has been truly terrible.  We have had gale force winds and torrential rain since Friday so I have been hiding inside for a few days.  I'm sure you've seen the images on the TV of the flooding that many parts of the state are experiencing.  It's really sad - especially since many families and businesses are still recovering from the 2011 floods. :(

To try and make the best use of the forced time inside, I worked on some lesson planning and sorted through my classroom materials before I take them back up to school tomorrow.  This afternoon I took an hour-ish to make some Quiet Critters.  These guys come to sit on the desks of kidlets who are working quietly.  At the first sign of too much noise they disappear.  I'm sure you've seen these little fellas on Pinterest and other blogs.  I can't determine whose original idea this was - I think perhaps Quiet Critters have been around for ages!

It's back to school for us tomorrow - although we have a week of interviews and testing with our Preppies before they start a regular week next Monday.  Good luck to everyone starting with their kids tomorrow! :)



  1. They look great! I might have to make some for my room over the weekend while I recover from my first week back. My school is officially closed tomorrow due to the floods! I'm still off to school though to help supervise any students that do arrive. Hope you're staying safe =)

  2. I am also using Quiet Critters this year but I bought mine already made from the $2 store. Great effort making all of yours! I had such a busy start to the year last week that I didn't get to introduce them to the kids but I'm sure they will be a big hit tomorrow!

  3. My teacher does those
    - a 10 year old


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