Sunday, 3 February 2013

What a week!

Phew!  Week 1 is over and I am EXHAUSTED... even though we haven't had the Preppies for a regular school day yet!  This week we spent Tuesday and Wednesday with small groups of kidlets conducting their assessment interviews.  They came in 5/6 at a time and sat with a teacher one-on-one to chat and complete some activities to give us an idea of what they can and can't do.  There was also a chance for them to play on the carpet with the others in their group so we had a quick sneak peek at how they interact socially with their peers.  It was great to meet all of the kidlets and have a chat with them, but because we hadn't written class lists yet it was tricky connecting with kids and parents.

Thursday I was super excited to get to school because the only thing that we had to to was write class lists... then the rest of the day was mine to organise my classroom and lesson planning!  Unfortunately there was some issues with my laptop choosing not to connect to the school network, or allow me to save to a flash drive so I could take my documents and print them on another computer.  When I finally figured it out it was time to set up for the Prep Family Barbecue - a "Can you come and help for a half an hour?" that turned into hours of setting up marquees, moving chairs and hay bales and scrubbing the bbqs so we could use them (worst.job.ever!) until the families arrived. Sigh... Goodbye Thursday!

Friday rolled around and was filled with drama - we had an information session with new families to the school that went hours longer than it was supposed to.  I was able to spend a few hours in my classroom but because it had been used for the interviews and then the bbq all I really achieved was cleaning and tidying.  Things aren't looking like I wanted them to for the first day of classes... but what can you do?

Amongst all of that I went and bought a new car, found a unit to live in by the beach and purchased some classroom treasures from the dollar store.  This afternoon I am hunkering down to get some serious lesson planning done!

I hope everyone else had an amazing first week back!  

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  1. Thanks for your message about my blog. I have just checked out yours and will come back and check out how your year is going?
    Paula at

  2. Hi Lauren! I am also a Prep teacher :) I'm from Melbourne.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to follow your blog.... hehe

    Good luck next week, looking forward to hearing more of your stories :)

    Little Learners

    1. Hi Chantelle!
      Thanks for stopping by! I am also trying to figure out how anyone can follow my blog! I add blogs to my Google Reader subscriptions, but I have added a few gadgets on here that I thought might help - just now the 'Add to Google+' one. I must admit that I am super technologically challenged!!
      Lauren :)


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