Monday, 3 June 2013

Currently... it's June!

When I saw the June Currently posts start popping up on my Bloglovin' feed, I thought that people had made some kind of mistake. It can't be June already?  Sure enough, it is - so link up with Farley and share what you're up to right now. :)

Listening: I just love a bit of competition reality TV!  I'm not into the singing/cooking style but I love the renovation based shows - especially 'The Block'!  I don't love the Blockheads as much this series as I did the All Stars, but there's still time for me to get to know them. :)

Loving: Three more weeks and then two wonderful weeks of holidays!  We have a week of pupil free days after that too so I'm looking forward to doing lots of Term 3 planning before school starts.

Thinking: My poor Preppies... this week it's all assessment for them. :( So much to get done this week.

Wanting: There's a tub of Chocolate Honey Nougat ice-cream in the freezer that's calling my name!  If you've never had honey ice-cream you are seriously missing out.

Needing: Flying between Canada and Australia is expensive... a teleportation machine would seriously save my budget (and I could see Chris every day!).  Anyone know where I can get one? :)

Vacay Essentials: Since it's getting so cold here my mind immediately thought of the beach - nothing better than reading on the sand feeling the sun warm your skin, and then  having an afternoon snooze to finish off the perfect lazy day.

That's my Currently done and dusted for June... before I know it July will have crept up on me! :)



  1. I'd love to have a teleportation machine!! that sounds like a great idea and the ice cream sounds pretty good too!
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  2. It's always amazing to me that you're preparing for you Winter Break as we're preparing for our Summer Break! Enjoy your time off!

    Surviving Sixth Grade

  3. Your blog is adorable! Thanks for stopping by mine! Hard to imagine it's winter in your part of the world while it's 90 degrees here in Florida and the last day of school! Stay warm!!
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