Friday, 30 August 2013

Design Flaws, aka What's Up with My Bulletin Boards?!

Happy Friday friends!  I had a long and busy week, ending with a 12 hour day today.  Needless to say, when I finally got home tonight I collapsed on the couch and haven't really moved from it, except to grab myself some dinner - a very healthy bowl of ice-cream! :)

I spent this afternoon tidying my classroom and displaying some of my kidlet's work on my bulletin boards.  My room has SIX doors, some windows and tonnes of oddly shaped shelving that take up heaps of wall space... so all but one of my bulletin boards have either a power outlet or a light fixture (sometimes both!) right in the middle of them.  Take a look:

Here's my Word Wall... with an outlet front and centre! Excuse the wonky words, the kidlets had just been using them (they're Velcroed to the board and they come and grab them for their writing). 

This board is currently displaying little astronauts to show who can independently use 'Spaceman Spaces' in their writing... oh, and of course is also displaying a lovely light and an outlet. I mean, really, what would I need to plug in at shoulder height?

This board is right above my carpet space, no light or outlet... but a huge air-conditioning unit.

What's up with my bulletin boards?!  It's such a pain to plan displays knowing that I'll have to work around those little interruptions.  And I haven't yet figured out a way to cover them with paper (not that the navy, purple and green felt isn't just lovely!) to make a cute background.  Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. :)

Luckily, I had enough space on one of my boards to display the word family ribbons that I made using cards from Marsha's Word Families Galore packs.  All I did was hot glue them to a length of matching ribbon and now I have a cute way to display each family as I introduce them to the kidlets.  All I have to do it take out 1 pin and the whole ribbon will fold away neatly, ready to be unfolded next year, and it will be super easy to pin up the families that we still have to learn this year. :)

Of course, this board has a light fixture too (you can just see the edge of it on the left), but luckily it's not right in the middle.  My classroom was definitely not designed by a teacher. :)

Bed time for this tired teacher.  Hallelujah for a Saturday sleep in! 


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  1. It's such a shame that your walls are covered in outlets. I tend to use our windows a lot (which I'm sure the cleaners love!!) because I don't have much wall space either.

    I love your little spaceman wall - I think I need to borrow this idea for my kiddies! I have quite a few that are still running their words together so I think this would really motivate them to start leaving spaces!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep


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