Monday, 20 October 2014

Happy Snaps Sunday!

Hello lovely friends!  My friend Shanyn from Classroom Chit Chat has recently started a fabulous linky called 'Happy Snaps Sunday'!  The idea is to post photos you have taken or seen in the last week - for no other reason than they make you happy. What a wonderful idea to spread a little sunshine around the blogosphere. :)

This week my most reluctant writer was excited to write a story about a boat (our phonics focus was 'oa/o_e/o).  I reminded him that for sentences to be a story "something has to happen".  Here's what I read when I came to check on him:

"On Sunday I went on a raft.  I went to an island.  Something's happening." I just love this little treasure. :)

During our History work we've been thinking about families.  How gorgeous are kidlet drawings?!

One of my closest friends had twins recently and her little man is just to die for.  I could eat him up!!  

And finally, who doesn't love a bit of Grumpy Cat?  This pin gave me a good chuckle.

That's it from me today! Be sure to link up with Shanyn and share your Happy Snaps, too. :)


  1. Eeeek! I love your happy snaps! Children are just so precious! Love grumpy cat haha! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oooo that baby is adorable! Definitely something to put a smile on your face!


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