Sunday, 26 October 2014

Happy Snaps Sunday!

I just love Shanyn from Classroom Chit Chat's Happy Snaps Sunday linky.  It's a chance to share any random photos from your week that have made you smile.  My pictures this week are from around my house!

This weekend I did some serious spring cleaning and as a reward I treated myself to a new lamp! I really, really want a standing chandelier floor lamp, but they are really expensive. I found this cute little one that satisfies my yearning for crystals until I can splash out and buy a bigger one.

I had a few frames that needed photos, so I finally got around to having some printed.  My favourite is this old one of (from the left) my cousins Emma and James, me and my oldest friend Kristy.  It was taken at one of our birthday parties when we were about 4.  All of us were born within two months of each other and have always been close even though now James and Kristy both live in Canada. I have a similar photo of us when we met in Seattle a few years ago - Emma was travelling through the US with her now-husband and James, his wife, Kristy and I drove down from Vancouver to meet them for a few days.  I love this photo because of all the happy memories it holds for me.  I'm so glad I get to see it every day now! :)

It's Sunday night here so I'd best get to organising myself for another early morning start tomorrow.  Mondays are terribly persistent!

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