Sunday, 5 April 2015

It's Currently April!

Happy April, everyone!  Here in Queensland that means some cooler autumn weather (finally!) but I know for lots of you it's the opposite and you're probably celebrating spring sunshine. :) Writing this post has been on my mental 'to do' list for days, so I'm glad to finally have a few minutes to sit down and get it done. 

Listening/loving/thinking: I'm on two weeks of Easter break which means sleeping in! I live right by the beach so the Easter long weekend usually means that things get really busy around here with people on holidays.  The weather prediction was for torrential rain (it ended up being sunny all weekend) so it's not as busy as it usually is, but there's still enough people around to create a nice, happy, holiday vibe.  My nephew was here for a few days and we spent lots of time exploring rock pools and building sandcastles. 

Wanting: It seems that I've fallen out of love with every piece of clothing that I own! I think a day of serious shopping is in order to stock up on some new clothes and accessories.

Needing: A few times a year a bunch of clever bloggers get together for a Swap, Share, Give linky party.  We swap and review a product, give them away to lucky winners and also share awesome freebies.  The next one is coming up soon and I need to get started on my freebie!

Eggs-plaining my name: Even though my name is Lauren, I'm mostly called Lozzy by family and close friends (Loz is the Aussie nickname for Lauren). When I first started my blog I wanted a name that represented the things I find most important in the classroom - so I settled with Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep. 

Another Currently done for the year! Time sure flies when you're having fun. :)


  1. A two week break and the beach? So jealous! :) enjoy!!!

  2. Another Lauren! :) We definitely have the best name! I'm jealous of your 2 week break. I had one week here in the U.S. and it was quite cool! Enjoy the rest of your break!

  3. Hey Lauren, I came across your blog from Farley's Currently. I wish I could visit Queensland! Australia is on my bucket list. I am a tad bit jealous that you have 2 weeks. I'm just starting my Spring Break and looking forward to this week but two weeks would be awesome! Like you, I definitely plan on enjoying the beach and nice weather.

  4. So glad you reminded me about the swap linky - enjoy the sun and sleep. Retail therapy is high on my list too

  5. Life by the beach... you are blessed! It is indeed the time of year for new clothes. Lucky you have time for some shopping. Sounds good to me. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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