Sunday, 26 April 2015

Swap, Share, Give!

It's time for another 'Swap, Share, Give' linky! A bunch of us get together a few times during the year to swap and review a product made by another blogger, share a freebie of our own and hold a huge giveaway.  It's lots of fun and a great opportunity to discover new resources.  Let's get started!


I was very lucky to have been paired up with the lovely Stef from Miss Galvin Learns.

As I was printing and laminating the cards from her Serving Up Donut Numbers pack I knew my kidlets would love it! 

In Prep we do so much work on number fluency, recognising different number representations, comparing and ordering - it's part of our daily maths work all year.  It can be really tricky to find resources that get kidlets excited about doing almost the same task that they've done before, but this cute donut theme had everyone itching to get started!

Placemats are provided in the pack for kidlets to 'set the table' with their donuts (showing pictures, ten frames, tallies and numerals) and cup (number words), but I grabbed some plastic plates I had in the storeroom and used the cards during Maths groups.

All I had them do the first time was gather the cards showing the same number and put them on their plate.  They had lots of fun giving each donut a different flavour and choosing their favourite hot drink for their cup.  This was a fun revision of numbers to 10.

We've also used the cards to sort even and odd, decide more or less and to order as a number line.  Because the pack includes numbers to 20 it's super easy to choose the cards you need for each skill level.  The cards have also made a few trips to the home corner where they were used to play 'Donut Cafe'.  "Are you enjoying your number 7 donut?" :) Stef also includes worksheets that I'll be copying to add to my 'Fast Finisher' drawers.

This is a great resource - perfect for early years classrooms!


The theme for the freebies each blogger will be sharing is 'Seasons'.  Here in Australia we're heading towards winter, but of course all of our northern hemisphere friends are getting excited for summer!  We decided that our freebies would cover all four seasons, so they could be used by everyone at different times of the year.  

I made a set of cute number lines for you to use in your whole class counting activities or during small groups.  There's one for each of the seasons.  





Click on any of the images to grab them!


We're giving away all of the products swapped to one lucky winner! To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter:

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Now, if you're anything like me you'll be off to visit the other posts to grab some more freebies!  Thanks to the lovely Tania from Mrs Poultney's Ponderings for hosting our Swap, Share, Give linky this time around. :)


  1. The donut cards looks fantastic. And such a cute freebie!

    Jem's Bright Buttons

  2. The Donut pack looks like fun and there would be heaps of learning while they are exploring the tasks. I love the seasons number lines freebie too
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. Hehe love a good donut, I can see why your kids liked this one so much! Lots of great fun by the look of it. Thanks for the number line freebie, my little girl will enjoy these.


  4. Thanks for such a lovely review, Lauren! I'm so glad your kiddos enjoyed this activity! (And, I use plastic plates with this activity, too!)

    Thanks for the number line freebies, too - one can never have too many number lines!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  5. Ooo I love the donut pack of Stef's! I used that last night. LOVE the look of your number line freebie too!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  6. Those donuts are adorable. I love how there are so many ways it can be used.
    Sheri :)

  7. Oh my goodness, what kiddo doesn't love donuts, great activity for the littles. Thanks for the super cute number lines, Love them!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  8. What a versatile set and I love the way you have used them so far in your class! Thanks too for the seasonal number line goodies!
    The Teacher Gene


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