Saturday, 2 May 2015

Currently May!

A new month means that it's time to link up for Farley's Currently!

It's Saturday night here and I am on the couch after a busy day.  It's so nice to be able to get cozy with  a blanket and a cup of tea now that the weather is finally cooling off! I've been on the search for a throw rug to snuggle under - I've got my heart set on a really expensive one that I'm waiting to go on sale.  Until then I'll keep the search for the perfect (cheaper) one going.  Recently I've been looking into buying a house (well... a beachside apartment really) so anytime I buy something it's got to be a necessity - I know when I buy my own place I'll want to redecorate! :)

Here in Australia we don't have vacation time for another 2 months, and then it will be the middle of winter.  I'll pretend it's almost summer break so I can play along with the final Currently question! Luckily for me I live close enough to the beach that I can walk down any time I want, so when school's out that's what I do often.  I'm hoping that this year I'll get to visit my friend who is living in New York, not sure whether that will be in September or closer to Christmas.  My dream is to go back to Europe - I'd love to see Italy and Austria again, and have always wanted to go to Spain and Greece.  

Next time I post it's gotta be classroom photos - I feel like I'm doing a terrible job of remembering to snap them during the week.  

Better get back to the channel surfing... Have a happy weekend whatever you're up to! Don't forget to check out the linky for more Currently posts.


  1. Greece is amazing! You should definitely go if the opportunity arises!!

  2. I was so confused at first when you said it was Saturday morning, and you were enjoying that the weather was getting cooler... since here it is Saturday night, and our weather is finally getting warmer! But then I figured it out! Pardon my 6am brain. I'm so jealous that you have a beach you can walk to whenever you'd like! We have a lake nearby but it's not one we can swim in... oh well.
    Enjoy your April!

  3. You should definitely visit NY in December! We are so ready to ditch our house and move to a waterfront apartment, but that's in Baltimore City - a very different view, I'm sure. Can't wait to see photos of your classroom! Jen

  4. Always fun to pretend it's summer break!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I just love the beach... (my name in my language means the sea and somehow I feel I am connected to the beach because of it!) You're very lucky .. so beach in winter would be relaxing too.. Enjoy your summer winter ;)

  6. Let's dream about summer break and travels...
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  7. I'm having pretend Summer hols too Lauren! We have the same European wish list, would love to go back to Austria again and haven't been to Spain yet. One day :)
    Stars and Wishes


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