Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day Art!

This year my kidlets completed some super cute art work as Mother's Day gifts for their mums.  I was inspired by this pin and ran with the theme "I love you bunches!" for the card we made to go with their picture.

They were so simple to make! We took kidlets two at a time to complete the painting - they were given the instructions, chose their own paint colours and then painted their flowers.  When they were dry they glued on the hand that I had traced and cut for them.  You could easily have the kidlets cut their own hands out, but I didn't leave enough time for that. :) They were able to choose where they wanted to glue the 'Happy Mother's Day' label.  We laminated them before they went home so they can hopefully be kept forever!  I love they way they turned out. :)

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