Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Descriptive Rainbow Name-bows!

Evening all!  What's with terrible TV tonight?  I'm watching Big Bang repeats but think I might have to give up and go to bed!  Before I do, I wanted to share with you an adaptation of an activity originally Reagan's.

As soon as I saw the beautiful 'Rainbow Name-bows' that Reagan had made with her class I knew I wanted to make some with my kidlets, too. Hers were made after the children had written an acrostic poem about themselves which I thought might have been a little bit tricky, so my Preppies wrote words to describe themselves instead.  

We worked in our small groups to make a list of words - funny, pretty, fast, brother, smart, tall, etc. I then helped with the correct spelling, and the words were copied onto the coloured strips with black texta.  Some kidlets traced over the words after I'd written them in pencil on the strips, and some only had 2 or 3 words on their list to begin with.  Learning to write is tricky! :)

These colourful guys have been hanging in my room since early in Term 2, and I was so sad to take them down today to make room for something new.  The kidlets, however, were super excited to take them home and hand them in their bedrooms!

I may have used a little creative license when writing my Name-bow! :)

I just love seeing ideas that I know will inspire my Preppies to write, especially ones that turn out to be so cute!



  1. Love these! We are learning about weather this term- these will fit in perfectly.

  2. I just headed towards to you from Julie.Already stared to follow you.

    really cute ideas...well goes with seasons and weather lessons

    www.mysmartangels.blogspot.com,I am happy if you visit me,when you get a chance



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