Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Who's a Lucky Duck? (With a giveaway winner!)

Who's a Lucky Duck?  Me!  While feeling sorry for myself on Sunday - trapped indoors writing report cards - I heard from the lovely Brooke at Teachable Moments that I was the winner of a giveaway she ran last week on her blog!  Yay!  While I was checking my email for the pack she had sent me (more info about that below!) there was another one waiting for me from Greg of Smedley's Smorgasbord to say that I had won the box set of the Draw Write Now! books that he was giving away!  Double yay!  I was so thrilled to be a winner, if you couldn't tell from all the exclamation marks in this paragraph. :)

The pack that Brooke sent me was her Find It and Clip It Medial Vowel Sounds Identification pack.  I was excited to put this to good use in my reading groups this week, because those tricky medial vowels were something that a few of my Preppies needed some extra practise with.  I got these printed and laminated ready for Monday morning and I'm so glad I did - after completing the clipping and recording (worksheets are included in the pack) in their groups a lot of my kidlets chose to 'play' with the cards during fast finisher's time.  :)

(You can just see the little yellow dot sticker on the back of one of the cards - I pop these on so they become self-correcting. Handy for when the kidlets are using them independently.)

I knew that these clip it cards would be a hit, we used Brooke's Initial and Final Sounds cards earlier in the year and her Word Family Racers were our revision activity in reading groups this week, too!

Finally, congratulations to 'M' (how mysterious!) who is the winner of my 3 Christmas packs from my giveaway earlier this week -  I hope you love using them with your kidlets!

Halfway through the week already, can you believe it?  I'm set for a looooong night of report card writing.  How's your day going?


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