Sunday, 17 August 2014

Five for... Something!

I had the very best intentions of sharing my Five for Friday on time this week... only to crawl home from school Friday afternoon with a horrible flu. :( After a miserable Saturday I'm finally feeling well enough to share a few snippets from a fun week in Prep!

Last Sunday Chris and I spent the day at possibly the most beautiful place on earth - Noosa National Park!  Seriously, photos don't do it justice.  The views are absolutely amazing and the water is the most amazing colour.  We saw a whale and some dolphins, and Chris even managed a swim... luckily the middle of winter here in Queensland is warm enough for that!

I'm always on the lookout for fun activities to add to my morning fine motor groups and a few weeks ago I picked up a cute game called 'Tumbling Chimps'.  It was about $10 from Big W.  The kidlets loved it when I added it to the mix this week.  It was actually quite tricky for them to carefully hang the chimps and bananas onto the tree without making the whole thing collapse!

I snapped this picture when we were working on the 'ng' digraph in phonics.  (Here in Australia we call these shoes thongs instead of flip flops.) Luckily we're covering 'th' in the near future! :)

My kidlets always love stamping sight words.  This week I let them complete this activity independently and was so proud that each team worked sensibly and happily without making a giant mess!

Earlier in the week I shared a post with some easy maths games and activities that would be perfect for working on counting, teen numbers and early addition concepts. The favourite by far was Monster Hide and Seek!  The kidlets begged me to play this every day and I've included it on my plan for next week, too.

That's all from me today friends!  I'm off to get some housework done and enjoy a lazy afternoon reading through the Five for Friday posts. :)

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