Sunday, 3 August 2014

Getting Set for the Sale!

Hi friends!  Are you as excited as I am for the back to school sale TpT is hosting on the 4th and 5th? I can't wait to grab some bargains! I've already got quite a few things on my wishlist, but need to whittle it down a bit before I check out.  I know some of you check out multiple times during big sales... but I get shopper's anxiety and usually make one big purchase in the last few hours! :)

I wanted to share with you all a few of my products that might come in handy as you head back to school (or further into the school year if you're here in Australia!).  My products are pretty much all hands-on activities or games, perfect for small groups, centers or fast finishers!  Click on each picture to go see the listing.

Let's start with the hands-on stuff! These guys are my best seller:

I made these two hands-on math activities to use in my fine motor and math rotations - I'm really proud of them because the kidlets LOVE them!  I love the fact that as they are working they talk about their thinking with their friends.  You can grab Link It Up with either numbers 0-20...

...or 2D shapes.

If your kidlets love sorting activities, they might like these guys:

Now for the games!!  I have lots of sight word and reading fluency games in my store.  They are used almost every day in my classroom, either in Guided Reading groups, as a center activity or because the kidlets have chosen to play them in free choice time.  Here's a few of my faves:

(If you're in the market for some reading fluency card games, the best value is the BUNDLE!)

Thanks for sticking with me through this shameless plug post!  I hope you find some really great resources to use in your classroom during the big sale, either from my store or one of the many others offering great discounts.  :)

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  1. Well done on being so organised! I'll be adding a few of these to my wish list today :)
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