Friday, 20 February 2015

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for another Five for Friday! We had a great week that unexpectedly turned out to be a short one - here's a peek at what's been happening.

Here in Queensland we've been having some pretty wild weather.  Yesterday a huge cyclone developed just north of where I live, and overnight it intensified.  School was cancelled today due to the torrential rain, damaging winds and flooded roads.  It was an unexpected treat to have the day off, but unfortunately the cyclone has hit some communities pretty hard.  

I took this photo first thing this morning down at the beach.  Pretty soon after that the rain really set in and it hasn't stopped all day.  Just now the edge of the storm system is reaching us and the wind is pretty scary.  I've enjoyed a day on the couch reading 'Gone Girl', drinking coffee, snoozing and watching TV!

This week my kidlets had fun making paper robots as part of our phonics focus.  I absolutely love this activity because I just provide paper and a few other bits and pieces and let them go for it! Each little robot has it's own personality and they always turn out so well. :)

We start by talking about the types of things we should have on a robot - buttons, lights, computer panels etc. - but that's about the only direction the kidlets have.  Such an easy way to let them be creative!

I finally got to finish something I've had on my 'to do' list for a long time!  I asked the wonderful Mel from Graphics from the Pond if she could make a set that included a fly swat and some bug spray so I could jazz up a game that is by far the favourite of each year's kidlets.  "Let's Go Buggy" is a counting game that works on number recognition as well as early addition and subtraction concepts.  All you need is a pocket die and some plastic bugs from the dollar store.

Kidlets roll the dice to add bugs to their jar - in the pack I've included numerals, number words and picture cards so you can choose the one that best suits what you're working on.  If a fly swat is rolled, 1 bug must be removed from the jar - but if bug spray appears all of the bugs must be emptied and that player starts again. The first to 10 bugs is the winner! :)

If you'd like to play this game with your class it's on sale for a few days! Click on any of the photos to check it out.

Our poem this week was "Galumph Went the Little Green Frog!". After singing it, reading it together and finding our focus sight words on the whole class copy I sent the kidlets to their desks to illustrate their own copy in their Poetry Journals.  I just love watching them read it carefully, and many even took the initiative to find and circle the sight words for themselves. Plus, how cute are their drawings?

Love the rainbows and flowers. :)

If you're an Aussie teacher you might like to check out the new 'Teacher Toolbelts' that were just finished this week.  Super handy for the classroom and pretty cute too!

My favourite is the design called 'Classroom Caterpillar Triple Treat'. Check them out here!

That's it from me today, friends. Sometime over the weekend I'll be back to share some of the fun learning my kidlets got up to during the week. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Wow, so many awesome ideas! I have a student slight obsessed with robots right now, they will love this! Have a wonderful weekend, Jen

  2. I saw the cyclone on the news this morning. How awful! Weather is just crazy around the globe lately. At any rate, stay safe and enjoy your time off :-)

  3. We are having bad weather in southern USA too! Today it's an ice storm! I hope you enjoy Gone Girl! I red it twice ans was equally fascinated both times.
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. I'm glad you managed to fill your day with such a good book! I hope the weather passes safely for you- it's been on our news all day! Xx

  5. I'm glad you are staying safe! I love the idea of having a poetry notebook. I may have to incorporate that in some way next year. :)


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