Sunday, 15 February 2015

What's Been Happening in Small Groups?

Hi everyone! As promised I thought I'd pop in and share a few of the activities my kidlets worked on in their small groups this week.  Turns out that I was so excited about taking photos of the colourful crafts I shared about in my last post that the photos I have of everything else are pretty dodgy! So sorry in advance for that. :)

Let's get started!

During fine motor morning groups kidlets used spoons and cotton balls to scoop 'marshmallows' onto mugs of hot chocolate.  Perfect numeral recognition and counting practise! This set is a freebie in my store - click on one of the images to grab it. :)

I introduced Pokey Pinning using one of Mel's pinning pages.  My DIY boards were perfect for holding the page and providing a safe surface to pin into.  See how I made them here.  My kidlets loved this activity and worked quietly on it the whole time.  It's great for developing the hand muscles necessary for writing stamina.

We broke out the pool noodle beads for some lacing fun. These are easy to make, just use a serrated knife to cut up some pool noodles and add some string.

The robot number lines that we linked up last week in maths groups became a morning group activity this week.  My TA had the very clever idea of re-printing them on different coloured card - after about the hundredth time of sorting them out after they were mixed up.  So much easier!

More counting fun during maths groups with 'Number Towers'.  I wrote the numbers 1-9 on large pieces of paper.  Kidlets made a tower of cubes to match each number.  A very simple activity that's perfect for numeral recognition and one-to-one counting practise.

Our new game was 'Pirate Treasure 10 Frames'. This one is always a hit! I blogged about this game last year - click on the photo to visit that post and find out how to play!

Turns out I totally dropped the ball taking photos of our Literacy group tasks.  I did get this one though.  Kidlets used bingo dabbers to dot over their names.  We've been working on correct letter formation and using a capital letter only for the first letter so this was an easy way to reinforce that.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm off for a walk to the beach to enjoy the later afternoon sunshine.

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