Wednesday, 17 April 2013


After a truly wonderful 2 weeks of holidays I went back to school on Monday.  It was so great to see my gorgeous Preppies and hear all of their stories about the fun things they did on their break, but I must admit that every day so far this week I have woken up wishing for a few more hours sleep. Isn't it too early in the term to be so exhausted?  I'm calling it first-week-of-term-itis... just like Monday-itis but much worse! :)

Why is it that Some e-Cards can always express exactly what I'm feeling? :)
Luckily for me, my kidlets have been super well behaved and are excited to be learning and spending time with their Prep friends.  They are particularly fond of the new word I taught them this week - onomatopoeia! Their writing has been filled with awesome words like splash!  wham! boom! and pitter-patter!  They are so proud of themselves for making good word choices. 

I promise I will be back with photos soon... but right now I am off to have a glass of wine prepare for tomorrow and eat dinner.  Btw - if you ever want a simple way to make an everyday meal fab-u-lous, just add some cubes of diced Butternut pumpkin to a creamy curry (like Butter Chicken).  Let it simmer until it's nice and soft - it adds a delicious sweet flavour. :)


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