Friday, 5 April 2013

Five for Friday! 05/04/13

Can you believe that it's Friday already?? Time sure does fly when you're having fun.  I'm halfway through my Easter holidays and have had an amazing week with my Canadian lovebird visiting.  Even though I can't see this week's post on Doodle Bug's page I'm posting now anyway. (Is it just me who can't find this week's linky?)

1. How wonderful it is to have my boy nearby instead of on the other side of the Pacific!

2. On Tuesday we spent the day at Australia Zoo.  It's so great that the spirit of Steve Irwin really does live on through the passion and enthusiasm that the zoo staff have for the animals and the environment.  If you're nearby (or planning to visit Australia!) then Australia Zoo is a 'must see'.  This sleepy koala was super cute. :)

3. This week has certainly been an indulgent one... this stack of honeycomb pancakes was to die for but not at all healthy. :)

4. If you haven't experienced a San Churro Spanish hot chocolate you should go and get one right now!  As the lovebird said 'Is that chocolate custard you're drinking?!?' It's AMAZING!

5. The Land Before Time was on sale at Woollies tonight for $8 - reckon I can convince Chris to turn off the footy so we can watch it? :)

Happy Friday everyone! 



  1. Um, where can I get a San Churro Spanish hot chocolate - holy amazingness! So glad you had a fun time with the boy :)

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    1. San Churro is a little chocolate cafe near where I live - it does these amazing hot chocolates and the best ever churros! I guess maybe it's the only one! :)

  2. Hi Lauren, Just found your blog and am thrilled to find another Queensland Prep Teacher blogger. I have added a link to your blog on my Aussie Blogs page and I am also following you now.
    find me at my Prep M Blog

    1. Hi Janelle!

      Thanks so much for following me and adding me to your page as well. Isn't it a treat to find an Aussie blogger? :)


  3. How cute is that koala and yummo pancakes!! Jealous girl here!
    Fabulous in First


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