Thursday, 11 April 2013


The last time I logged on to Blogger to catch up with things I was lying on Bondi Beach (using their free beach wifi - great idea!) enjoying the sunshine and feeling super relaxed. My Canadian lovebird and I spent a few days in Sydney - if you have never been there and ever get the chance make sure that you go to this beautiful city!  I love Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, but if I ever had to live anywhere else in Australia it would be Sydney.  It truly is a gorgeous city.  Here's a few pictures from our time there.
The Sydney Opera House.

Us in front of the Opera House.

View of the Harbour Bridge from the ferry to Manly.

Bondi Beach.

Now that I've had 2 wonderful weeks of relaxation and absolutely no work, I guess it must be time to start thinking about school again.  We go back for Term 2 on Monday.  I'm excited to see my kidlets, but sad that the alarm will be set for 5am once again!

When we arrived home this afternoon we went to the shops and grabbed a few bits and pieces so I can start getting organised again!

Nothing says 'back to work' like a new laminator and paper cutter!
My old laminator was only A4 size so I definitely needed an upgrade.

This photo does terrible justice to a cute bag I bought to carry my laptop etc. back and forth  from school to home.  It was a bargain - on sale from $40 to $8! 

Ummm... these have nothing to do with school (we wear a uniform - boo!) but I NEEDED them. :)
Better get back to eating Freckles and watching Law and Order - what better way to enjoy the last few days of holidays? 


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