Saturday, 13 April 2013

Five for Friday! 12/04/13

Friday already? Oh man! 

Five for Friday is one of my favourite ways to get to know everyone in bloggy land. Link up with Kasey over at Doodle Bugs to share your 5 randoms from this week. 

1. My patio was in desperate need of something to brighten it up a bit, so yesterday we went to Bunnings (an Aussie store kind of like Home Depot) to grab some plants.  I got a Bird of Paradise, a pink Camellia and some sweet flowers.  The white stand is a herb garden that was on clearance - it's basically a little ladder with pots on the steps.  I still need to transfer the plants into bigger/prettier pots but just having them like this on the patio has made a huge difference already.  I wonder how long I can keep them alive for?! 

2. I love sipping a nice, hot coffee in the mornings and since it's holidays I sometimes have more than one.  No need to go back for seconds with this baby - a 'bowl' of flat white that I ordered from a cafe in Sydney.  It was amazing!

3. This little fella is going to join us at school and spend a few nights with each kidlet at home.  He will have a journal with him so each one can write about his time at their house and we'll read about his adventures when he comes back to school.  My kids love writing (the Writing Table chairs are always in high demand during free choice time!) so I'm hoping that this will be another exciting way for them to practise.

4. My Canadian boy flies home to Alberta tomorrow. :( He has been here for 2 weeks.  I know I'll see him again soon but the time apart is going to be difficult.  

5.  School goes back on Monday, and this quote sums up where my headspace is about that!  I need to take some time tomorrow to think about work and get rid of my relaxed, fuzzy holiday brain! :)

Happy weekend friends!



  1. That coffee looks delicious, and it looks like the perfect size too! The giraffe is adorable, they are going to love that! I found your blog through Five for Friday and I am glad I did! It is so pretty! I am your newest follower! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

  2. I bought my Grandma one of those white planter ladder thingy for Christmas to grow herbs in - they are so cute!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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