Saturday, 7 September 2013

Five for Friday! 06/09/13

Guys, it's election day.  You know what that means... Yep, nothing on TV!  Luckily I haven't posted my Five for Friday yet, so that and a glass of wine will keep me happily occupied for a little while on this Saturday night. :) As always, thanks to Doodlebugs for hosting everyone's favourite linky!

1. This week I have been particularly thankful for the opportunity I have to work with my kidlets every day.  My Preppies this year are so affectionate and caring, I just love them to bits. We have Outside Time (directed learning play, in the sunshine!) each week and usually the kids go mad for all of the activities that we have set up for them.  Yesterday, this little sweetheart chose to spend lots of her time sitting and chatting with me - a little bit of time in a busy week to treasure!

She was wearing a Snow White dress up, and my hat!

2.  I FINALLY got around to buying more furniture for my house.  This dining set arrived flat packed and was assembled by yours truly!  I'm so happy to have one less empty room. :)

3. I changed the way I organise my writing instruction this term, and I'm sooooo glad that I did!  The improvement that I have seen in my kidlet's writing has been amazing.  This week, we read the Jez Alborough story "Where's My Teddy?" and in the Writing Project time of our writing rotations my cuties wrote stories about a lost teddy.  We were focusing on having a beginning, middle and end to our story.  This was written by a kidlet who earlier in the term really struggled to get her ideas down on paper.  My heart swelled with pride when I read it!

I went to McDonalds with my teddy. My tiny teddy fell into the chips and my Mum and I noticed that I didn't have my teddy.  My teddy ran away and I found him in the bottom of my nuggets.

4. I posted this pic a few days ago on Instagram:

I love watching trashy TV - a really guilty pleasure!!  I was just about to give in and research prices and contracts for getting cable at my place, and then I saw the ad for The Aussie Bachelor! Yay - a bit of trash on a Sunday night that will save me a few pennies. :)

5. Can't let an opportunity go past to talk about the gorgeous weather we've been having! This was my view today... hoping for more of the same tomorrow. 

Happy weekend everyone!  Back to election TV and blog stalking for me. :)


P.S.  Apparently I was a 'no reply' blogger... what?! I feel like there's been a party going on and I was missing out.  I think I've fixed it now, I hope!


  1. Aussie Bachelor?!?! Sounds amazing!!


    1. Hi Kerry,

      Night 2 of the Aussie Bachelor tonight and so far it's been amazing! :)


  2. It would have driven me crazy not to have a table for so long - you did well to put it together - when you have no other choice you just get it done don't you!

    Have a great week!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    P.S. A great video at my blog perfect for prep teachers if you are interested! x

    1. Hi Alison,

      I've put all my furniture together... you're right, when you need to you just get things done. I can be the man and woman of the household! :)

      Saw your video but haven't had a chance to watch (my prepaid home internet is dodgy) so will set a reminder in my phone to look when I get to school in the morning.

      Have a great week! :)


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