Thursday, 19 September 2013

Word Workin' It!

Before this school term ends (last day tomorrow!) I wanted to share a few word work ideas that my kidlets have been LOVING lately. :)

These CVC car tracks fit nicely with our Science unit (you can read about that here) and the boys especially jumped at any opportunity to choose them in free time.  All that's needed is to grab a toy car and practise s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out the words by driving the slowly at first, and then more quickly along the road beneath the letters.  It was great easy revision for those kidlets who are marvellous at decoding the initial and final sound of their words, but often forget the medial sound!  These are from the CVC Word Mega Pack from Jessica of Littlest Scholars.

Our new favourite sight word game is one that I call 'Spotlight' (once you see the photo you will realise what a creative genius I am with that name!).  I just printed words onto yellow star shapes, cut them out and stuck them all around the classroom.  If I had a ceiling that I could reach that would have been perfect, but I had to settle for high up on the walls and pegged to the net above my carpet area.  We then used torches (flashlights for my North American friends!) to find each word (I either said the word or gave a clue), read it and spell it.  My cuties couldn't wait to have their turn, and they've begged me to play this game every day for almost 2 weeks. :)  I'm sure this isn't an original idea - if I've inadvertently stolen this from you let me know! 

Have I told you how much I love Marsha McGuire's Word Work Galore bundles?  Well, I do.  This week we revised word families and practised spelling words from the families we've studied with the Say, Make Write cards from Marsha's packs.   I popped 2 or 3 from each family with this group.  The cards are pegged closed so that only the picture is visible.  The kidlets said the word, made it with magnetic letters, checked their spelling by un-pegging the card, and then wrote it again with a marker on their whiteboards.  They used our Word Family Word Wall if they needed to.

This lovely cut'n'paste came from Casey and was a freebie! :)  A nice rhyming revision activity.

I must admit that I have really enjoyed the past week, with the kidlets doing lots of revision which means familiar activities and games.  That's meant that I have spent lots of time playing with them and chatting been able to get lots of assessment done.  Just one more day and then we all get a well deserved two week break! :)



  1. Love your word work ideas! The kiddos look like they are having a hoot with the torch!
    BTW, I have pinned a couple of your ideas :)

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