Saturday, 17 May 2014

Classroom Photos - a very quick tour!

Warning: my classroom doesn't have a cute 'theme'.  I've kind of stumbled into a monsters/rainbow/polka dot/Crayola factory explosion type of look, but I'm fairly happy to display anything colourful and cheery!  I took a few photos of my room before Open Day today and since everything was tidy I thought they'd be good ones to share! I have done a classroom tour before, so you might have seen some of these spaces already. :)

Our Reading Corner... there's another couple of storage tubs of books that we use to swap into book boxes, but they're not pretty.  :)  I really need to get some shelving so I can get it set up like a real library.  Our Reading Buddies live here, and the floral curtain covers some ugly louvers that look out to the Prep entrance.

My small group teaching area.  (The Alphabet Monster and puppet theatre are on display for Open Day.) The board behind the table holds our reading strategy and Sound Waves (phonics) posters.  The number posters are from my store, the ones I have up are the Queensland print version.

This one shows most of my room.

Another view, except this time you can see the big glass panel that is part of my office.  On that shelf I keep everything that I need to have on hand... Self Control Bubbles and Quiet Spray, CD player, bell, Quiet Critters, tacs and paper clips etc.

Main carpet teaching space (where is my chair I wonder??).  The board above the whiteboard has our birthday cupcakes, the above/below the line behaviour monsters, calendar and classroom rules with sight words and Sound Waves cards on the wall.  You can see my SitSpots and 'Share Chair' (stool) too.

Our Writing Corner.

Kidlets' work lockers and book boxes, with workbook storage underneath.

The (very messy!) home corner - it goes around the edge towards the glass door too - and Creation Station (free choice art table).

A table group and our word wall - the words are crooked because they are on velcro so the kidlets can take them to their desks.  This only drives me slightly nuts! :)

Last one - this is the entrance to my room.  We have a little foyer shared between two classrooms and on my board I display copies of notes we have sent home, the newsletter, requests for help etc.  The white baskets collect readers, sight word books and communication books each morning.

There you have it! A certainly not perfect classroom - but one that is useable and easy to take care of. :)



  1. What a gorgeous room! I really like the behaviour monsters.

    Luck's Little Learners

  2. A gorgeous room Lauren! I love your space - your room looks fairly big, is that right? Your displays look wonderful too!

  3. Your classroom looks amazing! Those are some lucky kids. ;-). How long did you take you to set up your velcro word wall? I'm highly considering that or a magnetic one for next year!

    A Teachable Teacher

    1. Thanks Lauren! :)

      The velcro word wall didn't take long at all to set up. The pinboard was already a felt material, so after the word cards were laminated I just had to stick a little piece of velcro to the back. I bought a pack that just has the spiky part of the velcro. I love it because once the kidlets can read the sight words they can find the words themselves and copy them into their writing, and once they've done that a few times they usually remember how to spell it!

      Lauren :)

  4. Your classroom is adorable, colorful, and super organized! I love it!


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