Sunday, 11 May 2014

Five for Funday: Parties, Playtime and Pirates!

Whoops! Late to link up again! :) I had a super busy week, but as a result had lots of photos to choose from when choosing my 5 random moments for Five for Friday.

1. We had lots of fun with hands-on maths activities this week!  I've been loosely theming our work with our Science unit (Seasons) so we had some beachy/Summery fun counting and comparing shells and playing Pirate Treasure Ten Frames.

For this activity, kidlets scooped some shells from the bucket and counted them.  They then practised writing the numeral or showing the number on a ten frame. They compared who had more/less/the same amount of shells.  This was extra fun because my TA took each group out into the sunshine to work!

I blogged about this cheap'n'cheerful pirate themed game earlier in the week - everyone loves pirates! :)

This activity didn't get to be beach themed - but kidlets got a chance to sort shapes, animals and fruit/veges (from Home Corner!) in different ways.  We talked about sorting by colour, size, shape and type.  I always love to see the creative ways that the fruit and veges are sorted.  One clever kidlet sorted into 2 groups - things that can go into a fruit salad, things that can't.  :)

2. Last Sunday I travelled home to Mum and Dad's place for an early Mother's Day lunch.  My nephew was having a great time playing on the clothesline!  I remember that my brother and I were never allowed to do this, because it would make the clothesline crooked (we did it anyway!) but it seems that the rules are different for grandchildren. :)

3. If you read my Five for Friday last week, you might remember that I was going to pick up some new furniture.  I had originally planned to paint the dresser, but when I picked it up, the finish on it was too nice to ruin with paint so I ended up just sanding and varnishing it.

I ended up painting an old bedside table, just because I really wanted to use some gorgeous drawer handles I bought from Anthropologie.

My favourite furniture store was having a sale, so I also bought a new occasional chair!

4. It was my best friend's birthday yesterday.  A group of us spent a few hours on a pontoon boat cruising up the river having a BBQ lunch to celebrate.

5. Saw this pin during the week and it made me smile.  I love those times at school when children get the chance just to be little.  Sometimes my kidlets do things that remind me that they are just babies... I really hope that I provide them with lots of chances to experiment, be creative and test the boundaries of their comfort zone... Although I wouldn't necessarily encourage the consumption of too much paste! :)

This pic linked back to this Etsy store.

Happy weekend everyone!  



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