Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Frozen themed fine motor fun!

It's official... we're all about 'Frozen' in my classroom at the moment!  And why not?  Such a gorgeous story with beautiful music - plus I just love the fact that it's not a man who saves the princess! It just so happens that we're also working on a 'Seasons' unit in science, too - so all things wintery are very welcome.  Each morning my kidlets complete a different fine motor activity for about 15 minutes and the favourite (by far) this year has been this cutie-cute snowman!

I adapted this little guy from a few ideas I had seen around the big 'ole internet, so please don't think I'm the clever one who thought of it!  All you need is an empty plastic bottle, cotton balls and some tweezers or tongs.  I decorated 1 bottle per group - just because the bottles I had were large (1.25L sized).  You could easily have a small bottle for each child.  I loved the fact that the groups of kidlets were working together though - lots of helping each other, turn taking and encouragement.  I decorated the bottles with Sharpie and some coloured paper, but felt would have been more effective for the scarf. (That's is what happens when you decide late Sunday night to do something first thing the next morning!)  

Building the snowman is easy-peasy - kidlets just take turns to grab a cotton ball with their tweezers and pop it in the top of the bottle.  

For extra fun, play the 'Frozen' soundtrack in the background so that only the group building their snowman can hear it... makes this activity super special and each group will be so excited when it's their turn.  I'm planning on finishing these snowmen (all called 'Olaf' so far, surprise surprise!) by taping a hat to the top and giving them away as prizes for wonderful behaviour at the end of the week.  This is called bribery extrinsic motivation. :)

Well friends, that's all from me tonight.  I have had a rough week so far with my sweeties, so I'm in need of some serious Pinterest and TV time.  Luckily a new TV dating show started tonight - it's called 'When Love Came to Town' - so I'm be all set!



  1. It must be something in the water-mine have been hard work this week. It's not full moon or anything! I wasn't a fan of When Love Came to Town though-Farmer used to be my favourite too! I just didn't much like the girls! Hope your week improves! x

  2. Love this idea, Lauren! OH my gosh I thought for SURE it was a full moon on Monday. I even looked it up- that is how crazy everyone was! :)

  3. The snowman is awesome!! What a cool fine motor activity!

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