Thursday, 15 May 2014

Summer Time Cupcakes: Fun with Procedural Texts!

Any time that cupcakes can be legitimately integrated into the curriculum = happy kidlets (and happy teacher!).  We had lots of fun yesterday decorating these gorgeous 'Bears on the Beach' treats, working on procedural texts and verbs with a Summer theme that links with our 'Seasons' Science unit!

We started together on the carpet, reading through the procedure that I had written on some chart paper.       We discussed how this text looked a lot different from the books that we usually read.  The kidlets pointed out the numbers and the fact that the sentences were short and to the point.  We practised saying the word 'procedure' and talked about where we might see this type of text and what it would be used for.  Mum's recipe book and 'how to' craft books were hot topics. :)

The kidlets then matched up the photos I'd taken the night before with the step that described them.  We found the verb in each step (you can see that I've put a light blue star around them). 

After that, it was time to get to the fun part!  At lunch time we had set out everything needed to decorate the cupcakes on the desks.  We followed the procedure by dipping the cupcakes in cookie crumbs (sand), laying out the towel (a piece of fruit roll up) with the bear (Tiny Teddy cookie) relaxing under an umbrella!

They really were cute when they were all decorated, and the kidlets were super excited to make them.  I know that as we continue to work on procedures this lesson will be a great reference - who doesn't remember a lesson that involves cupcakes! :)


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