Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lots of Fun that is Funny (inspired by The Cat)!

What better way to work on rhyming (amongst other skills!) than with 'The Cat in the Hat'?  This week we've had lots of fun that is funny so I thought I'd stop past and share!

The first activity we did after reading the book was to discuss what we knew about the Cat character based on the clues in the story.  We brainstormed a list that included the adjectives funny, helpful, messy, tricky, naughty, fun, energetic, disruptive, happy etc.  The kidlets then chose the two they thought best described the Cat and wrote them in a speech bubble for him to say.

Don't ask me why the colouring in is so random on these two! 
The next challenge I set for the kidlets was to create a new character with a name that rhymed just like the Cat in the Hat.  I was really interested to see which of my treasures could successfully manage this, and was so proud of their ideas and the way they chose words that rhymed.

The Five in the Hive
The Fly up High
The Bird in the Herd
My absolute favourite is this last one, just look at the way she has visualised her character!  I love the faces watching the stage (complete with lights!), the boy with his hands to his face in astonishment, and the girl's twirly legs. :)  I can't wait to see it when this sweetie has coloured her work in.

The Girl Doing a Twirl
We wrote about what that cheeky Cat might do if he visited us at Prep:

The Cat in the Hat would break all of the glass.
(Please excuse the grammar error - it wasn't me I promise!)
He might knock down all the things, like some rubbish bins or some toys.

And of course, we couldn't let the opportunity of making a hat pass by!

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