Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Two for Tuesday - 50% off some fine motor math fun!

Three more days and then I am on a glorious two week break from school!  This term has given me a run for my money, so I feel like I am running on reserve power... but I think I can make it to Friday!  Here's something to make me feel better though - The Teaching Tribune is hosting another 'Two for Tuesday' as part of their Summer Bloggin' series, so I can spend the evening stocking my cart with products at 50% off!  Keep reading to check out my two products discounted for the next couple of days - one of them is a new one! :)

Recently I was determined to find a use for the huge container of plastic-chain-link-thingys I had bought years ago and never used in my classroom. I figured they would be great to use in fine motor groups... but what were the kidlets supposed to link up with them?  That inspired me to make these two packs - now I can combine fine motor work with some maths practise and revision!

Link It Up -  Fine Motor Fun with Numbers 0-20 is perfect for recognising numbers in different forms - numerals, number names, ten frames, tallies, dot patterns and with MAB (tens) blocks.

And Link It Up - Fine Motor Fun with 2D Shapes is the same idea...'cept with ten 2D shapes and their name, number of sides and number of corners. :)  This baby just hit my store last night!

Click on the links to check them out in my store!   If you would like to get some of the little chain links to use in your classroom, you can grab them from Amazon, but anything similar (or even small pipecleaners!) would work just as well.

Don't forget to head over to The Teaching Tribune to catch all the other amazing deals this week!


  1. This homeschooling Mumma and Occupational Therapist applauds you!! Brilliant idea.

  2. I love this!! I was just looking for some beginning of the year math centers for guided math! :)


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