Saturday, 3 January 2015

Five for Friday!

It feels like an age since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs and shared a Five for Friday post! Time to jump back on the bandwagon and start 2015 with some photo randomness. :)

I'm not usually the type of person who makes resolutions at the beginning of a new year... as a matter of fact setting a goal usually makes me feel stressed (is that weird?!). But this year there's a few things that I already do that I just wanted to make more of a conscious effort to stay on top of - so I made my self some New Year's Reminders!

I made a little subway art inspired print to frame both here at home and for my desk at school so I can see my reminders every day.  Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, and they're also things that should be very easy for me to achieve.  Here's hoping! :)

I'm right in the middle of Summer break and have been taking advantage of the sun and blue skies to spend some time at the beach.  It's been umbrella city down there this week!

I just love seeing happy kidlets with sun-browned skin and tangled hair running on the sand and jumping in the waves.  That's the way childhood should be here in Australia! :)

When I posted my Currently earlier this week I shared a photo of my Christmas present to myself.  I had a gorgeous green amethyst and diamond ring made with some of my TpT earnings!  

I've been checking out the #becauseoftpt posts on Instagram and am totally grateful to be part of a community that can change people's lives in so many wonderful ways! Although jewellery is a pretty frivolous way to spend money, I was able to treat myself without worrying about penny pinching to get my bills paid or groceries bought.  Thanks TpT! 

Lately I've been spending a tonne of time on Pinterest, collecting new ideas for when school goes back in a few weeks.  You can follow my boards if you like!! Here's my recent favourites!

I loved these two ideas that work perfectly together! I plan to make the "It bugs me when..." craft first, and follow it up with the "When something is bugging me I can say..." poster.  I start my kidlets working in groups right from the first day of Prep, and if I expect them to get along and work nicely with each other then I need to teach them conflict resolution skills!  The craft was pinned from The Learning Tree but the pin for the poster goes nowhere - if you know where it's from please let me know!

I always struggle to find exciting, engaging ideas for teaching positional language so I was so excited to find this pin! I'm going to take photos of my kidlets in the playground, label them with the positional language and then make a class book.  Thanks to Chalk Talk for this very clever idea!

Can't wait to make a set of 'Sight Word Stars' for my little learners to use while searching for sight words in their books.  How simple to add words as you teach them, and what a perfect (independent!) activity for those kidlets who just need a little more practise recognising sight words in context.  This was pinned from Kinderdi.

I wish that every time I pinned something it magically appeared in my classroom! Sadly that's not the case, so in the next few days I'll have to get myself motivated to tackle some school projects.  So far I've put the kidlets' scissors through the dishwasher to get the glue off...

...stocked up on Scentos...

...and thrown everything that needs to go to my classroom into a box that's currently blocking my hallway.

Productive, right?!

Before I go, I should let you know about the bundle giveaway happening on my Facebook right now! My newest products are part of my best selling 'Link It Up' series - this time with a word families focus.  Pop on over and pin it to win it!

Happy weekend, friends! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

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  1. Hi Lauren. Some nice ideas here- I keep meaning to make a prep noun book or anchor chart from kids' photos and labels. Glad you reminded me again. And it never occurred to me to run scissors through the dishwasher. duh. Happy New Year. Kathleen
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