Friday, 16 January 2015

Five for Friday!

Here we go with another Five for Friday!

It's been hot here this week.  Not 'Oh, it's summer, let's go to the beach!' hot, more like 'If there's no air-conditioning, I'm not going' hot.  Today was 40 degrees C in the shade (104 F) - heaven help you if you were in the sun!  Tonight I'm keeping my wine in the freezer for wine slushy, the only way to keep cool on a Friday evening. :)  

Unfortunately, all that lovely ice melted about 30 seconds after I took the photo! 

Summer break has come to an end!  This week I spent 3 days in my classroom and Monday we go back for a week of student free days.  

This is how I left things this afternoon... don't you love my new carpet?! I'm hoping that if I leave it a few days the rolled up edges will flatten out.

If you read last week's Five for Friday you would have seen that I ordered some business cards from Vista Print. 

They arrived!! And they are super cute. :)

I've been getting my butt kicked in Trivia Crack, for reals.

But it's not my fault - I keep getting hard questions like this one! Pretty sure I got this wrong... most of the answers sounded like swear words so I was scared to choose one.  If you want to challenge me (and probably win!), you can search my username - lozzybeck.

I've been a laminating fool lately!  

Nothing says 'back to school' like the smell of hot plastic. :)

Before I go - did you see the cute freebie I uploaded to my store this week?  I'm so excited to use it with my fresh batch of Preppies in just over a week. :)

Happy Friday, lovely friends!


  1. Maybe try the mat upside down? I'm going in on Monday, our PFDs start We'd. Where did the holidays go? Fingers crossed for a cooler weekend-I've decided I'm going to the library to do school work of its like this tomorrow! So gross!! X

  2. I love those clip cards!! Such a fun way to work with word families. Thanks for sharing

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  3. I am so onto the business card idea- love it!! Not to make you jealous or anything but it has been snowing here today but what I wouldn't give for sun and 40 degrees!!! Enjoy your last week of a child free classroom :)

  4. I love that carpet! So cute! I hope you manage to stay cool in those temperatures!


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