Monday, 25 March 2013

Counting Down!

Three more days until two glorious weeks of holidays! After a huge day at school today I'm wondering if I can make it. :)  Why-oh-why does the busiest week of the term have to be the last?  Today we had Crazy Hair Day (read: Crazy Kids Day) to raise money for a cancer charity, tomorrow we have our Staff Dedication Service that the whole school attends, Wednesday is 'Prep Spring Cleaning!' day and Thursday we have a last day party. Oh, as well as parent teacher conferences until about 7pm tomorrow and Wednesday nights.  Bring on Friday!!  

As well as being the first day of holidays, Friday is the day that my Canadian lovebird (and most loyal blog reader) arrives from Canada!  I'm super excited to see him after 2 and a half months apart. :)

Happy last day of term Australian friends!



  1. I cannot wait until Thursday. I feel I deserve this break. Have a great break and enjoy your company from Canada.

  2. Hi Paula,

    I feel like I've earned this break too! Hope you have a wonderful Easter and some relaxing time off school. :)



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