Monday, 11 March 2013


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your day was better than mine.  I had one of those days where I just couldn't shake a bad case of Monday-itis.  Here's a few photos of what happened in my room even though I was in a grump!

Turns out I made a slight miscalculation when making the templates for some sight word watches that we made this morning.  The little wrists of my kidlets are so much tinier than I had imagined!  Nevertheless, they loved their fab accessory and wore them proudly all day.  A quick, easy way to have their sight words visible.

I finished off this guy - a letter monster who is going to chomp away at some initial sound pictures tomorrow morning.  I'm going to match this with an awesome freebie - 'The Day a Monster Came to School' - from Kathleen at Growing Kinders.  It's all about manners and following the rules and is super cute.

What a lovely surprise waiting for me when I came back from dropping the kidlets at French - 10 iPads for my classroom!  We have 30 altogether in Prep but decided to divide them between the 3 classes so we can have them all day, every day!  Anyone got any terrific ideas of how to use iPads in the classroom?

Anyway, since everyone knows that the only acceptable way to end a horrible day is by eating a whole tub of ice-cream, I'm off to get stuck into some mint choc chip while laminating and slicing. :)


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