Thursday, 14 March 2013

What Did They Say?! Wednesday Linky

This could possibly be the cutest idea for a linky ever: Jessica at A Turn to Learn is hosting What Did They Say!? Wednesday.  A chance for everyone to share those pearls of wisdom that our kidlets impart to us every day. 

Here's my story of the day - 

Me (pointing to ankle): Can you tell me what that body part is called?
Kid: Well, it could be brains but your brains are in your head I guess.
Me: OK, so what else might it be?
Kid: Could be heaps of things really.
Me: Want to pick one then?
Kid: I'll go with stomach bone.
Me: Good choice.



  1. That is too funny! Kindergarten I hope!

    1. Prep - which is the Australian equivalent of Kindergarten. :)

  2. Ok, I didn't see that one coming. A stomach bone! LMSBO (Laughing My Stomach Bone Off)

  3. Oh my gosh a stomach bone!? It really is amazing what they come up with!

    I had a little girl I babysit for once tell me she had two stomachs... One for dinner and one for dessert, that's why she was too full to finish dinner but still wanted dessert!

  4. This gave me such a good laugh. Love it!


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