Monday, 13 May 2013

Sweet Treats!

Morning everyone!  I gave in to the terrible cough that I've been struggling with since early last week and am at home today resting.  I know my class is in good hands with a lovely supply teacher taking care of them for me.  Before I pop out to the doctor I wanted to share with you my first paid item on TpT!

I've played 'Sweet Treats' with my Preppies for a while and thought that since I (and my class) love it so much, other teachers might like it too!  Sight word games (I'm very anti-worksheets!) are essential for reinforcing those words the kidlets have learnt, helping them to stick in their memory instead of being replaced by other important facts, like what's on their sandwich for lunch!  This game is so simple to play - each child gets a cone and can add scoops to it when they correctly read the word as it is drawn from the pile.  Easy!  And best of all, once they kidlets know how to play you can leave them to it to play independently (especially those little ones who know their words well).  My Preppies love this game, so I hope someone else can use it too.  This version is in Queensland script, but since there's no US/Australia spelling issues it could be used by anyone. :)

I so appreciated the feedback that some of my lovely followers left for me when I posted my first item on TpT... if you would like to check out my description etc. in my store and let me know if I should change anything I'd really appreciate the feedback. :)



  1. Hi Lauren
    I teach a prep class in Brisbane and this is a great game! I am enjoying your blog and have started following it by email.
    Cheers Jeannie :)

  2. Hi Jeannie!
    Thanks for your comment and for following. :)


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