Wednesday, 22 May 2013

X and Y!

So I think we're in the middle of the longest week E-V-E-R! I have been busy with professional development seminars that had me out of the classroom for most of Monday and Tuesday so I was glad to get back to my kidlets today and get stuck into our work!

Our phonics focus this week were the letters X and Y - in Letterland that's Yellow Yo-Yo Man and Fix It Max.  After we introduce each new sound and talk about some words where we can find them, we jump straight into a fun craft to match.  All well and good... until I came to X and Y. I was really struggling to find something fun and creative for the kidlets to make for these letters - is it just me or does everyone find them tricky?  I thought I might share what I eventually came up with just in case it might help others who were stuck like me! (These are just my spin on ideas that have been around for a while!)

X = X-Rays!

We traced around the kids' hands with white chalk on black paper.  They then used craft glue to stick cotton tips onto their hands as bones.

Y = Yaks!

I saw something similar to this after I googled, but I can't find my way back to that page!  The kids cut an uppercase Y out of brown card and glued on the horns, mouth and eyes.  I just drew a template for all the pieces, except the eyes that we punched using 2 different sized circles.  We drew nostrils and a mouth on with markers.  

Hopefully this post is inspiring for anyone who was stuck for ideas like I was!  If you have any other clever ideas leave me a comment with your suggestion for others to borrow. :)



  1. I love your x and y crafts - the yak is very cute! My school doesn't really support craft activities to teach phonics so we usually do a fun game on the IWB using Sunshine Online! Sometimes I sneak in a craft activity during our Learning Play time and just don't write it into my planning haha - I will store these ideas for future sneaky work!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

  2. Hi Casey! It's a bit sad that your school doesn't support crafts for the little ones, especially when they really don't take long to do. It's great to have them around the room as a reminder of the letter and sound. I'm glad that you are secretly including them in your week! :)
    I'm so interested in your Learning Play time... that's something that know I need to structure more.
    Lauren :)

  3. Cute activities! My kinders would LOVE them! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten

    1. Hi Kimberly Ann,
      Thanks for stopping by! These crafts were definitely a hit with my Preppies, and they do look super cute on display in my room. I think we teach the best grade! :)

  4. My little girl made those x-ray hands in her PreSchool class. My Dad is an X-Ray Tech, so he got her class a hand x-ray and she has been talking about bones all week long!!! Great activity!

    1. Hi Deniece,

      Thanks for popping by! I showed my class images of x-rays and we talked about the fact that our craft didn't look anything like the bones in a hand really do! :) I would have loved to have a real x-ray to show them, I might need to find one for next year.



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