Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tuesday Typography

I love Pinterest for school ideas, wardrobe inspiration and finding recipes to try... but I think I love it the most for collecting beautiful quotes.  I had to smile when I saw this one that I had pinned a long time ago, in my pre-blogging days. I love the fact that my blog is my own personal way of getting my ideas and thoughts into the world... even if it's only a few people who ever get to read them. :)  

Wouldn't it be cute framed and on display on the office wall?  Buy it here from Etsy.



  1. That's cute! I have a huge collection of quotes too I've started printing them off and pinning them up at work so it's something to cheer me up

    1. Hi Bec! My friend actually ordered me a print after following a picture I'd pinned - it's the shape of Australia with the names of the states in their shapes - and it is beautiful. Every time I pin a new quote I think that I should buy a few more because they are so affordable and better quality when you buy them.
      ^ I could work for Etsy with a plug like that! :)

  2. That is adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
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