Saturday, 29 March 2014

Five for Friday! Mozart, Caterpillar Maths, Fashion Funnies & Big Giveaway News!

Friday again?  That means it's time for Five for Friday!


Friday morning saw my outdoor classroom area transformed into an Art Studio!  The kidlets were let loose with glitter, fabric, crepe paper, cupcake wrappers, raffia, paper shapes, stickers and a tonne of other crafty treasures.  The result was a clothesline full of gorgeous collages.  My favourite part of the day was Mozart playing in the background, and the very serious looks on the little artist's faces. :)


After struggling through some pretty horrible back and shoulder pain this week I ended up taking Thursday off to try and rest a little.  After a tough physio session that ended with me covered in sports strapping tape (which helps with the pain a lot!) I spent the rest of the time at home.  I dug out some Easter bits and pieces... how cute is this bunny?!

It's amazing how a bit of relaxation can make you feel productive!  I cooked up a big pot of vege soup for dinner, just to top off a perfect day at home. :)


This week and last our focus book has been 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  To tie this in with the ordinal number work we started in Maths, I stole an idea from my friend Stef's Instagram.  We cut and glued the fruit the Hungry Caterpillar ate to match them up with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th labels.  Add a few more bits of card and you have a super cute Very Hungry Caterpillar hat! :)


I've been LOVING! this product from Marsha over at A Differentiated Kindergarten. Her I Can Do It Myself: Segmenting Fun pack was perfect for my kidlets to do some independent phoneme segmentation practise.  Each card is clipped closed so that only the picture is visible.  Kidlets place down 1 counter for each phoneme they hear.  The card is unclipped for them to check their work!  I took a tonne of photos of this pack in action... but none of them turned out!  You'll just have to believe me that we had lots of fun, with lots of learning too. :)


Soooooo.... in a week or so I am heading to Canada for a quick trip back to my home-away-from-hometown, Calgary.  I've been thinking about what I'll pack for the 'Spring' weather (still snow and ice there!) and have been checking out my Pinterest fashion board for ideas and I actually own a lot of similar stuff that's in some of the outfits:

But, instead of looking like this...

...I always feel like I end up looking like this: 

Anyone else feel the same?! :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a big giveaway!  A few of us Aussie bloggers have teamed up to swap and share some awesome products, and you'll have a chance to win all of them!

Happy weekend, friends. :)


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