Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Week in Review with Five for Friday!

Hello friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to give you a snapshot of my week through the Five for Friday party.

1. My kidlets have been busy practising their number recognition, numeral writing and counting skills this week.  During Maths Time (groups) they had fun with lots of hands on activities!

Lacing beads onto pipe cleaners to represent the number on the sticker.  This was great as one to one counting practise and also worked on fine motor skills and patterning.

Count the room!  My kidlets are so cute whenever they complete a clipboard activity - they immediately become focused and take the task super seriously.  I used this freebie - it's apple themed which had nothing to do with anything we were doing, but no one seemed to mind. :)

Counting Caterpillars is a free online game.  It's easy to play - just drag the numbers to the branch in the right order.  Kidlets click on the caterpillar to check their work, if they're right the caterpillar will gobble up all the leaves, turn into a butterfly and fly away!

Robot number lines, using linkies.  This activity practised number order (0-10) and was a great fine motor task, too!  I find my class responds really well to hands on work, they love to be moving, problem solving and playing with manipulatives.

2. We got our reading groove on this week! 

The number 1 most coveted role during carpet time recently has been using the pointer during shared reading.  We have talked about pacing our reading, left to right directionality and making sure we are looking at the words rather than 'guessing' what they will say.

Do you like my new Sensory Table?  Are you jealous?! This beauty has a container in the middle and the table is the perfect size for kidlets to reach into it and rummage around.  This week they searched for buried Sight Word Treasure! (I'll have to take a better photo of the table so you can se the whole thing!)

After sorting letters, words and sentences in group work (we used the pocket chart) the kidlets completed this cut and paste worksheet.  Every single one of them did a perfect job, and could tell me what the differences were between letters, words and sentences.  You can see some pictures of the finished pocket chart in this post.

3. Friday morning we went on a treasure hunt!

Our sound of the day was 's as in treasure'.  We followed clues to find a treasure chest full of jewels (lollipops)!

4. You know those jobs on your 'to do' list that just keep getting pushed to the bottom because there's other more important things to get done?  Well, I made a point of working through some of them this week!

I FINALLY got envelopes labelled and laminated to store some resources that have been hovering around looking messy for a while now.  I shared here how I do this if you're interested.  As soon as this was done and I packed them away I felt so much better!

5. To say thanks for a great term so far, the bosses gave us all a gift.

Can't wait to use the voucher to get myself a caramel latte! :)

That's about all from me!  I'm off for dinner tonight at a super fun local restaurant called The Prickly Piñata - I'm planning to have a cocktail and a yummy meal!  



  1. Awesome hands on maths ideas!! I think I will borrow some and use them with my preps!

    1. Thanks Jem! I'd love to hear if any of the ideas go well with your class. :)


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