Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Phoneme Segmentation Fun!

This teacher is feeling super lucky to have had a whole day out yesterday on a professional development.  Because it started later than I usually leave for school I had time to grab a coffee on the way, and what a treat it was to spend the day chatting with lovely friends and enjoying not one but TWO breaks.  Lunch in the sunshine looking over the golf course was a little bit of heaven. :)  I always feel that days like these are little holidays disguised as work!

It was full steam ahead back in the classroom today though, where we have been practising phoneme segmentation and blending as part of our phonemic awareness skills.  I use lots of kinaesthetic activities with my kidlets - and the Sound Waves program we use is great for that because it includes actions for each sound.  We hop through Elkonin boxes, jump up and down to show how many sounds and feed the alphabet monster pictures that begin/end with specific sounds.  At the moment we haven't introduced any graphemes (letters) to represent the sounds - our work is done with pictures and spoken words.

I wanted to share a product I've been using with my kidlets to help them practice their phoneme segmentation.

I love using hands on activities because some blossoms just need to touch and move things to learn best!  In this pack, kidlets take a flower card and count the phonemes in each word (represented by a picture). 

The flowers are then sorted by the number of phonemes.  You can either use the headers provided, or grab some cheap'n'cheerful flowerpots and sort into them:

Please excuse my dodgy photos - the printer is low on ink and the lighting is terrible in my lounge room! :)

There's worksheets, too, for kidlets to 'show what they know'.  One requires cutting and pasting, one writing numbers.  Use either or both!

 If you think this might be helpful for your classroom, pop on over to my store to find it. :)

I hope you are having a wonderful week!  We're halfway there - the weekend is the glorious light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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