Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Five for... Something! Shapes, Snakes, Segmentation and Sensory Paint!

Hmmm... I'm almost so late to the Five for Friday linky that I should perhaps just wait until the next one!  But since I have a spare moment or two I wanted to share some of the fun we've had in the past week or so. :)

1. We've been learning all about 2D shapes in Maths!  

We counted and graphed with this Piggy Shape Graph (a freebie from Kinderglynn!).

Then we cooked up a storm by making Shape Pizzas.  I know, I know... the base should not be white.  But we flat ran out of time to paint them a more pizza-y looking colour!

2. Here's a super quick round-up of the Literacy activities that have been keeping us busy:

Our focus book was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', so we worked on some fine motor skills by hole punching a leaf to make it looked like it was nibbled...

...by our paper chain caterpillars!  This guy needs his antennas put on! :)

We played ABC Ninja - works on letter recognition in the same style as the Fruit Ninja game.  Lots of fun!

We searched for pictures in shredded paper to sort into the pocket chart.  This week the pictures revised short vowel sounds.  Shredded paper is a free and fun sensory element!

We continued to use Spring into Phoneme Segmentation to practise sorting words by the number of sounds they have.  This activity is super cute sorted into little flowerpots, but I like to have it laid out like this so that while they are waiting for their turn kidlets can be looking over the pictures and thinking about why they were sorted the way they have been.

Another free and fun activity - sight word painting! All you need is a paint brush, some water and a patch of concrete. :)

I just love this photo.  One of my kidlets independently reading a big book that we had previously used as a shared text.  He was so pleased with himself when he got to the end!  Nothing like success to motivate readers.

3. Our painting last week had a few extra sensory surprises!

Sand in the finger paint...

...and scented colours to paint ice-creams!  We added vanilla, peppermint and coconut essences to the paint.  Our phonics focus was long i, so we let them free paint an ice-cream and enjoy the yummy smell.  Although, one kidlet thought that the paint smelled more like an ice-cream that had been left out in the sun than a tasty treat! How rude. :)

4. Snakes alive!

One of my treasures found this snakeskin in her backyard and brought it in for Show & Tell.  It was about 2m long so was not too big.   The kidlets loved it, me not so much!

5. Holidays on the horizon:

Two more weeks and I will be in Canada with my lovebird!

Have a great week everyone!  I promise not to be so late with my next Five for Friday. :)


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