Tuesday, 25 February 2014

YouTube Tuesday, and the SALE!

Let me start by confessing that when I said last Tuesday I'd be back again this week to share some more YouTube clips, I wasn't actually that confident that I would be... But here I am!  Gold star for me. :)

Today's clips are brain breaks - those that you can use at any time of your day to allow your kidlets to get their wiggles out.  I like to have brain breaks that the children can copy or follow along with - saves those flailing dance moves and break dancing on the floor that do nothing other than hype the kids up. (Is it just me or do some kids have no other freestyle dance moves than mad waving and jumping?) Just a reminder - always watch a clip before you show it to your class, and check the sidebar etc. for inappropriate ads and images, just in case!

First up is our current favourite, Dooby Wop the Robot Dance!

Who doesn't love Sid the sloth?  Try his Sid Shuffle!

This one's great for little ones - The Hokey Pokey is an oldie but a goodie!

Hi 5 is perfect for the classroom because of their G-rated dance moves. :)  Move Your Body gets the kids up and wiggling.  If your class likes this one, there's a heap more from Hi 5 you can try.

OK, I know I said I like to have a clip that the kids can follow - but this one is freestyle!  You will be the 'Best Teacher Ever' if you work this one into your playlist - it's definitely the flavour of the month (year?).

Before I go I'll mention something that I'm positive is already on your radar: TpT is holding a SALE this Thursday and Friday (the 27th and 28th) to celebrate being 3 million sellers strong!  My store along with many others will be 20% off during this time.  Enter the code TPT3 when you checkout to grab and extra discount.

Happy dancing! 


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