Sunday, 23 February 2014

Five for Funday! (with a giveaway!)

Sunday already?  How did that happen?  Seems like just a minute ago I was driving home from work on Friday afternoon excited about the weekend and now it's practically over.  Oh well, I guess I must have been busy yesterday if I'm only just now getting around to posting my Five for Friday!

1. Although Valentine's Day was last week I can technically share my gift this week because it arrived on Saturday. :)  Chris sent me the most gorgeous bunch of red roses I have ever seen.  He never forgets about me, even though I am so far away!

2. We had a tonne of fun this week in Maths!  We played 'Race to 10' more than once as a whole class and the kidlets were super excited every time.  It's a simple game, you just need a number line, a die and some markers.  We used a roll out number line, pocket dice with the numbers 1-3 represented and 2 of our 'Reading Buddies' (we played boys vs. girls).  Roll the dice, move the markers, first to 10 wins.  So great for number recognition, an introduction to moving along a number line and really sparks discussion about more than/less than, how many more and early addition concepts.  Plus it's heaps of fun. :)

Another favourite game is one I call 'Pirate Booty' - the kidlets call it 'Treasure Chests'... we can't reach a happy compromise! :)  I bought some cardboard treasure chests from the dollar store last year and made an extra special one with an old box and some gold spray paint to hold the pirate's gold.  To play just roll a die (early in the year I use a pocket dice with the numbers 1-3, later in the year a regular one is fine) and add that many 'jewels' (coloured counters) to a ten frame template. Once the ten frame is full, trade in the jewels for a gold coin (also from the dollar store) and pop it in your very own treasure chest. Working with ten frames? Check.  Counting? Check.  Beginning to think about number facts to 10? Check.  Fun? Double check!

You'll need a computer for this one!  'Mucky Monsters' is a game that works on the concept of more and less.  The mucky monsters haven't washed their hands, so a voiceover asks 'Who has more/less bugs?' Kidlets simply count and then click on the monster's hands to choose.  The most hilarious part?  To get more bugs and the next question, you need to click on the toilet to flush it (complete with flushing sound effect!).  My kidlets LOVE this game... just because it's so gross!

3. I've been on the search for a floral kimono style top and I finally found one I loved!  Gave it a whirl last night.  Can't decide if it's me or not?

4. One of the important skills my Preppies need to have is distinguishing between a letter, a word and a sentence.  I whipped up a card sorting resource with Dolch and simple CVC words that we used in the pocket chart.  I used the gorgeous Scrappy Kids from Graphics from the Pond and was so excited with how cute they look! :) The finished product has upper and lowercase letters, my photo doesn't because I only realised after I'd printed it for my class that I should have varied the types of letters.

We also used the simple recording sheet I made to go with the sorting cards as evidence of our learning.  Now for the giveaway!  Head on over to my store and pin an image of this product.  Leave a comment to let me know where you pinned it and I'll choose 2 random winners who I'll send this and 1 other product to.  You've got until Tuesday evening. :)

5. I found this pin last week, but felt it was way to close to Valentine's Day and I didn't want to look like a party pooper (even though it doesn't reflect my actual feelings!).  It made me smile!

Phew! That was a long post.  Thanks for sticking with me. :) Have a wonderful weekend lovely friends!



  1. I love the Mucky Monsters!, I think that will be a huge hit with my preppies :)
    I've pinned your great new product (and put it on my wish list!) here:

  2. Hi Lauren
    I really like your number line mat! Where did you get it from?
    I have also pinned your new product on here looks great :)

  3. Love your two maths games! super fun and cute. Hope you survived the super hot week-at least it's cooler now :) x



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