Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Currently February... Or am I too late??

I just checked... I'm going to be #305 in Farley's Currently linky this month!  I promise that I had the best of intentions to link up last weekend - and then I got food poisoning.  Bleuch!  After spending Saturday and Sunday in bed, I've been chasing my tail this week with lesson planning and resource making for my class.  Wednesday night and I finally feel on top of it, so I'm sharing my Currently - even though I'm late!

Listening: Lately here in Queensland it has been super hot and we haven't had decent rain in ages.  This afternoon showers set in and it's so relaxing to hear the rain falling and feel the cool air.  If only the sound of the washing machine wasn't in the background! :)

Loving: I love getting to know a fresh batch of Prep kidlets every year!  I have some hilarious characters who are brightening up my school days for sure.

Thinking: This term some of my non-contact time falls in a block in middle session on Thursdays.  Although I would love to use that time to get the following week's planning done, tomorrow I have a long list of jobs that I need to get finished.  Fingers crossed I'm productive, but I'm really not good with unstructured time...!

Wanting: After my non-weekend (it doesn't count if I was sick the whole time!) I have a whole heap of housework to do.  Maybe if I wish upon a star a friendly cleaning fairy will visit in the night and do it for me?

Needing: Ugh, I always feel disorganised!!  Filing, sorting, labelling... not my thing!

What's the fib??
Believe it or not, I HATE mangoes.  The smell of them turns my stomach, and I've never actually eaten one.  I know, I know - I should be thrown out of Australia in disgrace.  My morning coffee is a necessity, and I am a leftie (or South Paw as I was called in Canada) so those are the 2 truths! :)

I'd better hurry to get this posted before it's not even February anymore!  Link up (if you haven't already) and share in the Currently fun. :)



  1. Wouldn't a cleaning fairy be lovely? I've been pushing off housework for so long due to school and work. It's ridiculous.

  2. How lovelt is the rain at last? Not too keen on inside play though! I usually have a super strong immune system, but picked up some virus and lost my voice. Had yesterday off (reluctantly) but am dragging myself in today. My kiddies are not up on routines yet... Feel better soon!

  3. You're not too late! I just linked up for Currently today, too. Sometimes life just gets in the way you can't post. Hope you're feeling better!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  4. I love the sound of rain! It is freezing cold here in Nebraska right now, so all we get is snow :(. I'm looking forward to spring! Sending cleaning fairy thoughts your way!


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