Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Little YouTube on a Tuesday! Clips your kidlets will love.

Not a day goes by that I don't use a song or movie from YouTube in my classroom. Either as a brain break, to practice counting, to explain a concept in a different way or to 'hook' the kidlets and prompt discussion for a new topic. Even since you-know-who has scaled back the number of his videos on YouTube there's still a million and one awesome clips that you can use for free. Searching for relevant and good quality YouTube treasures can eat up hours of time (let's face it, you have to watch them before showing them to your kidlets just in case there's something randomly inappropriate lurking in there!) so each week I'll share a few that I have found, used and loved. This week they all match a book that you probably read in your classroom.

First up is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as a song! My kidlets were mad for this ditty when we had our Chicka Chicka week. We played it at least once a day that week and they still ask me for it whenever there's a spare minute or two.


 The Wishy Washy Washer Woman is the perfect jig to introduce to your class when you have read Mrs. Wishy Washy. Lots of fun and so cute to watch them dance to this. :) Just a warning - it will get stuck in your head!


 Sometimes it can be hard to find a read aloud online - there's a lot out there but lots are poor quality and most of the time the voices of the readers are a bit grating and can even be muffled. In the first week of school we read The Kissing Hand and I found this gorgeous recording. The lady who reads it has a lovely, calm voice and I found that it really settled my kidlets when they needed refocusing in those first few days of school. Not sure whether her voice lulled them into calm or if it's the reminder that Mummy is at home thinking of them. :)


 Well, it's a big night of TV here - new Big Bang Theory, The Bachelorette and My Kitchen Rules - so I'd better get myself into a more horizontal position on the couch to enjoy it... that's if I can stay awake! :)


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  1. I use the same video for The Kissing Hand in the beginning of the year! It's wonderful! I too find that some stories online are hard to follow or hear. One day, I think I will try to record some of my own. If I do so, I will let you know :)

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