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Fine Motor Madness, Random Moments and Advice Needed! Five for Friday 07/02/14

It seems like it's been ages since I was here linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! Now that I'm back into the swing of a new school year, it will hopefully become a weekly habit like it used to be. :)  I'm excited to share with you some of the fun my new Preppies had this week, as well as a moment or two of randomness and a plea for advice!

1. Let's start with the low point of my week...

Yep, that's my little car with a big ole dent in the door.  Someone reversed into it.  Even though I won't be out of pocket because this wasn't my fault (I was parked at the time) it's still a giant pain in the butt to run around getting the damage fixed.  I'll be without a car for about 5 days... Oh well, at least no one was injured!

2. We jumped right into proper group work on Monday!  During the kidlets' first week of school (ever) last week we did some practise activities to get used to staying with our group and on task.  Each morning we do fine motor activities that groups (although I call them 'teams' with the kidlets) rotate through during the week.  Here's some of their favourites:

Jump Frogs are actually quite tricky and require a fair bit of muscle strength and co-ordination... well, they do for me anyway! ;) A few of my kidlets really struggled with applying enough pressure to the frog to make it jump... all the more reason for them to practise! I got my frogs from Big W for $1.

Pokey Pinning is such a great way for children to strengthen the muscles they need to hold their pencil and put pressure on paper when they are writing (lots of my kidlets struggle with this and it seems to be becoming more common).  All you need is a pin (thumbtack) and an outline to pin on.  I use this pack by From the Pond.  You can pin on the carpet (or other soft-ish surface) but I use cork boards.

Using tongs to move pom poms onto a very professional looking template (Sharpie on card!).  

Is there anything better than playdough?  So quick and easy to make with so many uses!  This week we used my Playdough Mats Number 1-10 in fine motor rotations.  These are great because they have picture clue directions so the kidlets don't need to be able to read the instructions in order to be successful.  If you need a great no-cook playdough recipe (I have never cooked playdough, and never will!) there's one in my Stirring Up Fun freebie.

3. Check out my new water bottle!

It's seriously huge (see the pen next to it for comparison?).  I've been really trying to keep up my water intake since school went back, and this baby is awesome because I only need to fill it once in the morning and it lasts the whole school day!

4. During Maths this week I introduced my kidlets to Gone Buggy - and was rewarded with squeals of laughter when each group played it as rotations changed each day.  

I absolutely love this game because it allows kidlets to practise number recognition, counting and taking turns in a hands on and FUN way.  :)

5. OK, number 5 is a plea for advice!  I have two gorgeous kidlets this year who are seriously wriggly - beyond the regular 'getting used to being at school' wiggles.  Both are boys (surprise!).  One will touch anything within arm's length - other kids included - because he can't help himself.  The other does the same but latches on to the closest object.  I sit him right by me (he's also a chatter/blurter) and he literally koala hugs my leg and puts his mouth on my knee during carpet time.  I want to find a 'fidget' to give each of these precious boys to occupy their hands while we are on the carpet and would LOVE some advice on the best DIY option.  I'm happy to spend money and order something - but I need an option for Monday. :)  In the past I've used stress balls, but I have a feeling that these boys will need a fidget that keeps their fingers busier than a stress ball would.  Does anyone out there have any tips for me?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Well folks, the sun has almost set and my glass is empty so it's time for me to leave my lovely patio and head inside for the evening.  I hope you had a great week and are enjoying a relaxing weekend just like I am!



  1. Love the fine motor activities! I'm starting my preppies on their fine motor groups this week - very exciting!
    Maybe try threading a few beads onto a string (make a bracelet sort of thing) that the boys can fiddle with, so they can move the beads around the hoop and spin the beads around? Moveable parts seem to help my fidgeters.

  2. Wonderful post! I like all the emphasis on fine motor. I would love to find Gone Buggy!! My kids would love it. Let me know if someone has a great solution to the wiggles. I have some people who need help in that department too!

  3. deflated Balloon with some rice in it? similar to a stress ball but is a bit more manipulative?? It is something i have used on placement before and the kids seem to like them? even some stockings with some rice or something in it for the sensory use because we all know kids love stockings :)

    hope it helps!!

  4. I've been sending my fiddly boy for a run when he gets bouncy and noisy (although mine have disabilities), and making sure he gets that contact that he craves. Could you give yours a cushion to hug? Gone buggy looks great-and we are currently doing a unit on bugs in science.
    PS-I'm the local Ness from the other day, was just signed into the wrong account :)

  5. I've been giving one of mine (in year 2) a piece of blu-tak, however am always looking for a different idea. Will be on the look out! :)


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