Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday Made It - Felt Button Chains and Sight Word Treasure!

I'm either reallllly late to February Made It, or super early to the March edition.  Either way I told myself I wasn't allowed to have any ice-cream tonight until I came by to share a few projects I worked on this past weekend!  So here we go. :)

First up is a colourful fine motor activity that I saw on Pinterest (pinned from here).  I was totally shocked last week when one of my kidlets couldn't do the buttons on her shirt up herself!  A quick survey of the class told me that I needed to get onto making these Felt Button Chains quick smart.  

All you need is some felt (I bought mine from the dollar store in an A4 sized pieces for $1 each), some buttons (a craft pack from Spotlight) and some wool (I used an upholstery needle so the wool would fit through the eye).

Cut the felt into strips and sew a button on one end.  I only did one stitch and then tied the wool off - there won't be room in the button holes for much more!  Make a cut in the other end as a button hole - leave a decent amount of felt between the hole and the edge just in case enthusiastic kidlets rip it a little as they are buttoning!

There you have it - DIY Felt Chains for fine motor practice. :)

I added them to our rotations this morning and they were a hit! Quiet, calming and great for those little finger muscles.  We just need a little work on linking them together properly. :)

My second project was inspired by another pin that led me to Carolyn's blog - Holding Hands and Sticking Together.  I get so many wonderful ideas from Carolyn and this one was no exception.  My Sight Word treasure took no time at all to make.  All you need are some rocks (mine were river stones from Bunnings) some gold spray paint and a marker.

I'm using these tomorrow in my Literacy groups - the kidlets are going to dig for treasure and write the words that they find on each gold nugget on a simple recording sheet.  

Link up with 4th Grade Frolics to share your crafty projects, too.  Right, job done... ice cream for me! :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas for fine motor skills - thank you so much! I need to make some of these!


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