Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Whole Lotta Tuesday Random!

After successfully navigating my way through the first day of term today, I thought it was high time that I shared a vaguely school-related post!  Here's a speedy picture tour of a few holiday jobs I got done, and and quick snapshot of our day today.

Spring holidays here in Queensland were two weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather!  For a few of my kidlet-free days I managed to drag myself into my classroom to get a few bits and pieces organised.  I'm  VERY happy that my small group games and activities now look nice and neat, rather than the huge mess that they were at the end of last term:

The 'Share Chair' got some gold polka dots as part of it's makeover:

And our collage owls turned our reading corner bulletin board into a cute scrapbook tree:

As hard as it was to miss some beach time, I was super happy to get to school this morning knowing that a few of the jobs on my to-do list were already crossed off. 

Today we were busy with revising addition - we used our pool noodle beads to represent number stories:

I had a lot of fun introducing our new Science unit, based on living and non-living things, with my pet, Rocky.  After telling the kidlets that I had brought my pet in, and telling them what he eats, what he plays with and where he sleeps they were jumping out of their skin once they met him to tell me that Rocky couldn't possibly do all of those things, because he wasn't a living thing.  We made an awesome anchor chart listing what we knew about living and non-living things, and it was a terrific way for me to assess what they already know about this topic.

And after a busy day, our peg chart ended the day looking like this: 

Told you it would be a speedy post!  Happy Tuesday everyone. :)



  1. LOVE the share chair Lauren! Very cute! Did you paint the words free hand? What a great way to engage the children in living and nonliving things - prep kids just lap it all up, don't they!


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